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Monday, June 4, 2012

My weekend

We had a great weekend, went to an art show and to Karate Fun For A Cause. The art show was fun. I actually never been to one before but went to support a good friend of mine who was the featured artist there. Then the next day went to Karate Fun For A Cause. The kids got to learn some karate and I got to meet some new friends. I couldn't get my son out of the bounce house though and he had a hard time understanding it was time to go. They literally were closing, that's how long he was in there, lol. I guess you can say it was a "BIG" hit. I was actually supposed to be at my sister in laws wedding shower tin Oregon hat day but due to circumstances beyond my control it just didn't work out. I was really upset about it too but after seeing how much fun my kids were having I realized thet that was where I needed to be.

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