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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Today we went to Ikea. Have you heard of that store? Have you been there before? I went once a long time ago but my husband and kids have never been. Shockingly enough it was his idea (facepalm). We even went when it was still daylight (another shocker). This place is huge. There were at least three levels. The showroom part had everything displayed how one might have it in their home. Couches, dining room, office, bedrooms. It was really neat to see and get ideas. There were sections with dishes, closet organization, anything you could possibly think of for the home. We were really impressed. But then some of us started to get that overstimulated feeling. Sometimes even a big store can do that. My husband started to say things like "we could just look at it online, shipping is probably even free." I didn't think anything of it at the time, I was enjoying my time there dispite some incidents. Those are just normal things when shopping with the family that I just faze out most of the time. If I let it all bother me I wouldn't enjoy myself and would not ever want to do it again. There was a time I was that way about a lot of things. I didn't want to do things because of this or that. Mainly I wanted to do things by myself. I am an introvert, have anxiety issues, a son on the spectrum and a social butterfly, talk non stop daughter to deal with each time I venture out solo. When my husband comes with us it's a lot different and I can enjoy myself more because I have a little bit of help. Not much but just an extra set of eyes can make a difference. When we were married before kids we shopped together all the time. Today reminded me of that. It was a nice day. I hope we have more of them.

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