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Monday, November 4, 2013

See The Light Review

See The Light Drawing Children To Him Art Projects with Pat Knepley is a DVD based art instruction. I received mine free of charge in return I was to write and honest review. Here is our take on the program.  

When I became aware that I was chosen to review this product I was excited. My daughter loves to draw and I thought it would be great for her to learn how to use oil pastels. We have never tried them before. I thought oil (like the paint) would be messy for a child to use but I was mistaken. They were just like crayons for the most part. The DVD we got to review was Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh. It said ages 10+. My daughter is 7 so I was a bit concerned that it would be too difficult for her to do. We watched the DVD in parts. It had for parts approximately 25 minutes long. You are to do the segment along with the DVD.

What I thought: I enjoyed watching the DVD. Pat is very good at explaining all the techniques. Her voice was not irritating. And she tells you its ok when you make a mistake and what to do to correct it.

What my kids thought: She liked the drawing part but it was hard to keep her attention during the DVD. I think it was a bit too long for her. Other than that she enjoyed doing the project and had minimal tears.

All in all I think it is a great program I would definately try the other DVDs in the future if given the chance. You can order yours here: www.SeeTheLightShine.com

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