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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Overcoming my fear

Most who know me are aware of my bout with anxiety. It comes and goes when it pleases and I really love it when it is gone. But some days it comes back like a vengeance with absolutely no warning. Those days I am bound to my bed, my room with the door shut and normal everyday things become very difficult to bear. Sometimes I can't even leave the house. I don't want to talk to anyone nor be talked to and it spirals from there. This past year has been very challenging for us. Finances, unexpected move to name some. I don't take any meds for it. After awhile it seems to me that it's a mindset too. I often don't do things in anticipation of having an anxiety attack. I'll make excuses to myself. One of my biggest problems is driving. I really dislike driving on freeways, especially here in Southern California.

Last January I was put to the test. My husband forgot something he needed for work and he was almost an hour away from home. So your's truly, with the kids in tow went on a trek through downtown L.A, Hollywood, Universal City and 3 freeways to take it to him. I wasn't crippled with fear. All I did was pray and said"Lord take the wheel" and you know what? He did!! I didn't even get lost once. Since then I have gotten a lot better with driving. Sure I have my days just like everyone else but its such an improvement compared to before.

Then just a few weeks ago there was a family get together four hours away. We were all planning to go but something came up and my husband was going to have to work. It was important for us to be there so I said to myself "why don't I just drive there myself with the kids?" this is something I have never done in my entire life. So with my husbands blessing me and the kids headed out on our journey through LA,over the mountains and through the valley to my brothers house. And we survived!!! I overcame my fear and survived!!

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