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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Schooling year round

School is about to start for some of you or already has. We decided to try "year round" school. Usually we take the summer off but "life" happened, so I decided "on a whim" to continue to do school at least three days a week. I have to say it worked out great. My daughter asks to do her schoolwork now. My son is liking his one on one time with me again. I was really impressed with the outcome.

Will I do it again? I will know more once we finish with our curriculum. I think there is about 4 weeks left with my daughters K curriculum. With my son, I unschool for the most part because he learns better that way where my daughter does well with a little more structure so I went ahead and actually purchased a full curriculum. We are using My Fathers World. My son joins in with that as well but mainly learns with his interests. Another trip to the library may be in order. How do you homeschool?

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  1. We did Adventures in MFW last year but used our own math & language arts. We had such a great e. I hope you love it too.

    We school 10 months out of the year & take off June & July. We started back on July 30.